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Two Ways of Privatization (visible and hidden)

Education isn´t for sale
Education has to be protected

The visible and the hidden in privatization

Entry in the private sector of public education directly

  • Financing of private schools 
  • Outsourcing school services (dining, transportation, extracurricular activities, etc..) 
  • Outsourcing schools

Hidden: To incorporate the designs of the public schools, methods and practices of the private sector

  • Management: New Public Management 
  • Managing public schools within the parameters of the private enterprise, by 
      a) greater financial autonomy that requires private funding due to insufficient funding  Public, private interests and introducing trading in public education .
      b) Specialization of schools to offer a competitive and "differentiated" to customers
      c) "Professionalization" of the school management as managers, experts in business management and human resources, which manage public schools "efficiently" and profitability.
    Three changes in the new law (LOMCE):
      a) An advisory School Board: it loses one of the great achievements of public management 
      b) The Selection of head teacher by a committee 
      c) Quality schools: Differentiated public schools for advanced students
  • Freedom of choice of school 
  • Control by results 
  • Cuts in public school: Less teachers, assault on rural school, substitutions (Less replacement) , more students, less funding
  • Competence programming 
  • Financing of private schools 

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